Clash royale chest cycle beginners guide

Beginner’s Guide to the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

The Clash Royale Chest Cycle is an amalgamation of the following strategies: viz. ‘Multiplayer Battles,’ ‘Tower Defense’ and ‘Card Collection.’ Here cards and other commands are delivered through chests that come in a prearranged order called as ‘Chest Cycle,’ which is explained as follows – as long as a Chest space is available at the completion of each clash, a certain Chest has to be scored. You can download Clash royale Apk file

Beginner’s Guide to the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

clash royale chest cycle guide

This game is named as Clash Royale Chest Cycle as the attained Chest arrives from the table of this specific system. This cycle repeats on completion. There are a total of 240 available Chests, and the rewards are enhanced and become superior with improvement in the arena. The Chest Cycle comprises of the following Chests: viz. Silver, Golden, Magical and Giant. Also periodically, one gets Legendary, Epic and Super Magical Chests.  The statistics are as follows: 180 Silver, 4 Giant, 52 Gold and 4 Magical Chests among 240 Chests.

Clash Royale Chests and their Order

There is a particular structure or format in which one shall receive the Chests when they initially begin playing. Here is a brief description of Chest orders and what one could get when they open them.

The Silver Chest: This is one of the most common chests received after combat. It is comprised of simple cards, but if the player touches the hog mountain or higher, it will yield a rare card. It demands 3 hours or 18 gems for a player to view its contents.

The Golden Chest: This is a common Chest that lies right after the Silver Chest. It offers the player with one or more unique cards, based on the player’s position in the game. It requires 8 hours or 48 gems to display its depth.

The Magical Chest: This one lies right after the Golden Chest, yet it is too harder to win than golden or silver Chests. It comprised of one or many narrative cards based on the player’s position in the game along with a few unique and common cards, owing to which it is termed as Magical. It takes 12 hours or 72 gems to get liberated. This Chest can be bought from the shops as well, but too expensive.

Giant Chest: This Chest links with the Magical Chest when there is an opportunity. It promises a big number of Rare and Common cards. Also, it has a great probability of encompassing an Epic card. It demands 12 hours or 72 gems to reveal its contents. They might or might not be obtainable at the shops, but undeniably, they are the most inexpensive ones in the line. Anyhow, the price of the Chest is precisely equivalent to the level one will be playing at in the game. The higher the level, the most expensive the Chest.

What is a Chest Tracker and why use one?

The Chest Tracker provides a precise forecast about which Chest one is going to get.

  • The Chest Cycle comprises of 240 Chests in total, and it is a little bit difficult to recognize which Chest one is at currently. Well, here is a relief for your Clash Royale course. The Tracker informs you of your present Chest position in the Chest cycle.
  • It guides you to accomplish your moves by keeping you informed of what the next four consecutive Chests in your Chest cycle could be.
  • Whenever you are interested in discerning when the Legendary, Golden, Magical and Giant Chests show up, this Tracker provides you with the count of the Chests to help you attain your fortuitous Chest be it a Legendary, Golden, Giant or Magical Chest.






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